Mike Perry, blogboy ...

Hello one and all.

Mike Perry here, your newly designated blog-boy. Web-servant?  (Webmaster sounds so condescending,) Adam recently asked me to take charge of our blog and post any and all info and articles submitted by you, my well-storied friends. I only agreed IF he would not ever use the term ‘intuitive’ as he listed how ‘easy’ it is to manage the site.  And so, practicing on JoAnn’s creation first, I attempted to test both her patience and Adam’s veracity.

Here is what I learned:

It will become easier as you send me info and pictures to post. Practice makes permanent and the more I post the better I will become at being familiar with the numerous tools and options available. These include video and audio as well as photos and text. I prefer not to edit your work, though I will bring a discerning eye to the copy in an attempt to find grammar and punctuation in need of polish.

I’m guessing that we have a Facebook presence? If so, remind me to post there as well so we are out in ‘the real world’ (a cyber joke?) and available to others. As your personal blog-boy, web-servant, you may have to remind me from time to time to ‘show up for work’… since like you I’m probably doing something else besides reading one of my many email addresses.  This summer, that included storytelling/comedy gigs, the lead as Otto Frank in ’The Diary of Anne Frank’ and, more recently co-teaching ‘The Art of Story Presentation’ with Mary Jo Sonntag, at The University of Pittsburgh as a continuing education class through the OSHER program.

So, hi ho…. hi ho… it’s off to work we go!

When you would like post on the blog site send it me at :  MikePerry.Storyteller@ gmail.com

And as your humble West Virginia-storytelling- web-blog-servant-boy, I look forward to keeping us spreading the word about storytelling, whether in print or word of mouth.

With a smile and a wink,

Mike Perry

What would the world be without stories? No telling!   mikeperry.biz