"Growing Pains" Lessons learned as a blog-boy ...

Hello fellow tellers.

I am fond of reminding my two daughters that one of them made me bald and one of them made me gray, and I don’t care which one did what, but please stop! So here I am, bald and gray and blaming others for a process called growth. I continue to learn that maturity a synonym for patience, Perhaps because I continue to be impatiet with myself, I ask others to be patient with me. My daughters will vouch for that as well.

“So”, said the bald, gray blog-boy, “here are a few pointers that will increase the success of posting articles and pictures”:

  1. Send your posts to MikePerry.Storyteller@gmail.com.

    In the opening sentence and the subject write, ‘Please Post this.’

  2. Google Drive it is my prefered format, but Microsoft Office works for me. (Documents, pictures etc.) Pictures should be sent as a PDF.

  3. My mantra is KISS… Keep it simple stupid… use fonts and formats that are universal, since I’ll most likely have to copy and paste them, colors and lesser known programs offer challenges. (That’s a polite term meaning problems.)

  4. Although I can often post things in a day or two, I usually have a number of projects going and most of them have deadlines.

  5. You can always call me: 412 - 327 - 8969

    (That camera, text, encyclopedia,message machine/ note taking device is also a phone!)

  6. Thanks…. (Sorry you had to read all this to get to the good part!) I’m happy to post for us…

Onward and upward!

Mike Perry

What would the world be without stories? No telling! mperry


Mom’s refrigerator….

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